Easy to use, fast and flexible Cloud Servers

Only Cloud uses OnApp Cloud with which you get a complete cloud management feature set, plus CDN, DNS, Storage, load balancing, autoscaling and much, much more.

  • Intuitive Cloud server control panel

    The Only Cloud OnApp control panel is a fast, easy and very customizable way for cloud providers (and their customers) to provision and manage cloud services. OnApp also has support for your iPhone and iPad..

  • Easy cloud management

    With the Only Cloud user-friendly control panel and extensive automation behind the scenes - such as the new Cloud Boot feature - OnApp makes it as easy as possible for you and your customers to provision and manage different cloud services.

  • Storage

    OnApp Cloud includes a high-performance distributed SAN, fit for cloud environments. It also works with a broad range of traditional storage systems.

  • CDN & DNS

    Expand your cloud server with new DNS and CDN services, managed from the OnApp control panel. The full version of OnApp Cloud gives you access to the global Content Delivery Network and fully redundant global Anycast DNS service. 

  • Autoscaling & load balancing

    A professional cloud service needs autoscaling & load balancing. Both come standard with OnApp.


  • Failover & high availability

    Valuable admin time for fixing issues are saved with the OnApp cloud's multi-layered security, enterprise-class resilience, a self-healing architecture and automatic hypervisor failover. 

  • Flexible billing

    Utility and plan billing are supported by OnApp Cloud. It handles pricing for a huge range of cloud resources (including IOPS) and has pre-built integration to WHMCS, Ubersmith and HostBill - plus an open API.

  • User management

    With Onapp you get total control of user roles, resources, permissions, pricing and limits. User roles can be customised for VIPs, standard users, resellers and your own staff. Your customers can also self-provision resources, saving you huge amounts of admin time. With OnApp you control the customer experience fully.

  • Huge M template library

    With OnApp Cloud you get a huge library of virtual machine templates, ready to run with multiple x86 and x64 flavors of Windows, Linux and Unix.

    If you want to create your own templates you have access to the complete Jumbbox library of virtual machine appliances, for a simple monthly fee.

  • Cloud Security

    Multi-layered security model for extra protection, OnApp Cloud enables cloud providers and their customers to customize security measures at the network, hypervisor and virtual machine layer.


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